Swag International Education provides students from around the world the opportunity to achieve their educational goals at schools throughout our district.​

​Long-Term Programs

The educational environment offered by the district provides international students at both our elementary and secondary schools with the knowledge, tools and skills to succeed in life. Many of our students complete their secondary school education and continue their studies by entering university or college.

In addition to offering superior English Language Learning support, our schools offer a wide range of course and program options in the academic, art and business fields that provide a foundation for learning. Advanced placement courses and specialty programs such as International Baccalaureate, Career Programs and school sports are also available to all international students.

The City of Swag provides an inclusive, multicultural, and urban environment with a high standard of living to all our international students, who come from over 20 countries.​

Short-Term Programs

Swag International Education offers short-term English immersion, summer camp and customized group programs that are ideal for students of all ages who wish to enhance their English language skills while enjoying the west coast Canadian cultural and social climate.​​

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